Joe was clear that he was not writing or editing today, so a few of us took advantage of the opportunity. My name is Catherine Emmerson and my little brother is Jacob, one of the main characters of this entire story. He wrote a post back in January for the 100,000 words milestone. He wanted to say hello and will be back to discuss a particular, interesting topic soon enough. Many of the posts you read here will discuss our histories or ourselves so it would be fun to introduce you to a few notable locations and lingo we use in our respectable regions. Once the first novel is out for everyone to read, you will be able to immerse yourself in our world. Until that happens, here is a sneak peak of our region of Sartica 😌

  • The Subterranean Domain: This is the residence of Sir Kalvin Troveria, Leader of Sartica, and the royal family. There is 15,000 sqft of living space which is entirely underground.
  • The Ersatzian Field: A plentiful, beautiful garden which sits above The Subterranean Domain. My mother loves to see this garden from afar since it is closed to the public. Sir Kalvin is often seen walking the garden in the early hours.
  • Larkspur Lake: The larger of two bodies of water in the region. It has glowing, golden sand on the shoreline which allows for a stunning view, especially during the sunset. 
  • Lotus Lake: More intimate of the two lakes. There is pure white sand which allows for a beautiful contrast against the water. Fun Fact: It is one of my brother’s favorite locations.
  • Jinugery: Currency throughout all the regions. It is the only aspect willingly and knowingly shared throughout them all.

Five seems like a good number to end on, especially since it is the same amount of years I left Sartica for, but that story is for another time. There is someone else who would like to introduce you to some of their region so for now I wish you farewell. The next time you hear from me I will stick around a little more, promise 😉

The Quo

Thank you Catherine! If you are ever in The Quo, feel free to stop by Draka’s Corner and the first round of Qubble will be on me!

Hello folks, my name is Jarvie Jruk and I am a Quorian of many talents. Not only do I own and run Draka’s Corner on the 24th floor of the city, but I am also The Quorian Librarian. Don’t think for a second I know even half of the information held in there though. I do what I can to read what I can but the information is just too much. No Quorian should be expected to open every book! Getting back on track, as Catherine has done for Sartica, I am here to share with you some information from The City of Quo, my hometown. Considering Lady Vixa has graced you with her presence a few times and Smolar even stopped by, I will work extra hard to tell you new information, let’s go *buurrpp*!

  • Draka’s Corner: It would be strange to not mention my own bar first, right? Location on Floor 24, same as Smolar’s home, we offer nothing but bubbly drinks, the most popular being Qubble.
  • Qubble: It would be unfair for me to tell you the ingredients, after all a Quorian has to make a living! I will say it is a tart, bubbly drink that has a sweet zest at the end.
  • The Enchanted Reservoir: This is our holy ground where Quorian’s come to pay their respect, ask questions and seek answers.
  • The Great Barrier: One of the few things I learned from the Quorian Library. It is not commonly known but atop our city, we have a protective layer that aids in the safety of everyone below.
  • The Bracelet of Fury: I don’t think…let’s just say he, realized I noticed, but I saw him wearing it. It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen the object either. The Quorian who wears this bracelet is unable to leave the walls of this city, not that anyone would want to. It is in possession of one Quorian in particular.

Keeping a fair playing field, I will stop at five to match Catherine. Even though I have never been to Sartica, I feel every region has their own *buuurrppp* level of importance. It seems this second Qubble I made really has an affect on me. Please welcome our next, and final guest. I hope to return and interact with you all soon 😁

The Barren Land

Franklin Novack is the name and by now I think you know why I am here so let’s cut to the chase. Unfortunately you have not met many of us here in The Barren Land. Phobus was the second character in our story to visit this blog and meet you all. Considering how often other regions have been previously discussed, I think it is only fair to discuss a little more. Our valley deserves some attention.

  • Cristal Caverns: This is a restaurant in the middle of Karg City and where you first meet me in our story with another character you are yet to meet.
  • Karg River: Considering the dry, valley that we live in, this river is well-kept and maintained. This is our only source of water so we all do our part to help.
  • The Marketplace Alleyways: Unless you have been in the valley for many years, it would be wise to stay clear of this area. It is a puzzling maze or streets and the deeper you go, the stranger your surroundings become.
  • Glimboberries: A delicious fruit loved by nearly everyone in our community. Commonly known as Glimbo’s, they are small, round and provide a lot of juice in one serving.
  • Lone Castle: Home of our Leader, whom you have met once 🤐 These grounds are casually guarded and although we have all entered the grounds at one point, no one typically enters unless invited.
  • The Lost Sphere: The protective barrier surrounding our region. Safety is a priority for everyone, so long as you know what you are trying to be protected from…
  • Degreant: An individual who doesn’t belong to any region, a wanderer.

Hopefully this peaked your curiosity and made you ask a question or two about one of our regions, although I think The Barren Land is the most peculiar of them all, don’t you? Regardless of your opinion, we will do this again in the near future to help provide you with more insight to our personal lives. Joe has mentioned that since there may be a lot to follow, he plans to have a glossary when the first novel is public. That way you can reference these important locations and definitions without much hassle. Not sure when I will return here. I wanted to give it a try but it was not quite for me. Take care, stay safe. I hear your world is quite messed up right now. Makes me feel a lot better about my own.

Which region peaked your curiosity the most?

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