Let’s get to know one another, sound good?

It is nice to have you visit us and our marvelous world we are starting to share. In case you have not read my other post, my name is Vixa and I am one of the many significant individuals in our story currently being worked on to share with you all. As you may know, this space was setup by Joe Dayvie so we all had a platform to reach potential readers and anyone who may be interested in our story. His initial idea was to use this space for updates on our story, discuss issues he is facing and share a little bit about ourselves. This was lovely and certainly opened our eyes to a whole new world, similar to what we expect readers to feel like when our story becomes public for everyone to enjoy. The desire to share more about ourselves grew and a few of us decided to change the tone of this…blog, as you call it. We realized our lives are bigger than this novel. While we will respect Joe’s wishes to not divulge key points from the story, there is plenty of information about us you will not be able to learn through the novel alone.

Safety. Pride. Love.

As I mentioned, my name is Vixa and I am the leader of The Quorians. We all reside in an area known as The Quo. Even if I told you of our location, which I won’t, you would not be able to enter. We are a private and loving race that takes pride in maintaining happiness and peace throughout the city. Our appearance may strike you as peculiar but it is about perception. When I first saw a human, I was stunned. There is such variety in colors, sizes, shapes…and you are all so tall. You must understand that while I stand six-feet tall, I am the tallest of our community. Most Quorians stand three-feet tall on average and do not have such a wide variety of appearances. Some of us enjoy food more than others so we have a range of shapes ourselves but from what I understand, most seem to be shocked by our skin.

The color of our skin tells a story but it does not define us

As you may have guessed, our community all share a particular shade of blue. From light to dark, mellow to vibrant. We all come from the same being, our King Klai. He is the reason any of us are here today. Thousands of years ago a great battle took place between two Giant Kings. Their actual height is debatable as some believe they were 2,000 feet tall while others defend the notion of 100 feet small. What I believe about their height is not important. One of these two Kings, Klai, resembled our same appearance with a dark, rich, royal blue hue. The battle between King Klai and his opponent lasted days but eventually our King met his match and was defeated. With his final steps, his large body collapsed to the ground causing a violent, planet shattering quake and caused a pit so deep, he created his own grave. His personal grave is where we now live and thrive in our city known as The Quo. The abilities and enchantments that he possessed didn’t die with him. Legend has it that all us Quorians are connected to one another through King Klai and evolved into the race we are today from that event. There is an area within our city, which I will not disclose, that honors this critical event. It is the crux of our city and a place most visit at least once a day.

Smolar, Fravia, Promit, Mauvendra…

If you have read some of the other posts here, then you should be familiar with Smolar and Fravia. They are two important individuals in the story we wish to share with you all. Promit is another critical character you will meet early on in our story. He is such an innocent Quorian and never asked for any of this to happen…Mauvendra on the other hand, is someone more personal to me. She is someone we will delicately discuss and I will personally ensure Joe does a proper job in doing so. At some point you will become familiar with all of these lovely individuals. All I ask is that you be kind as they would be nothing but the same back to you.


Joe shared a bit of advice with us all saying how, in general, humans get distracted easily and often have little patience with reading. As a result, I will cut this story short. I think many of us will try to visit more often with shorter stories instead of battling your patience with longer ones. The novel Joe is working on will be long enough for that.

Please make sure to subscribe to our blog and his website 🦋 This will help prove to Joe that what we do is for a purpose and that someone out there enjoys it. Until next time, stay smart and stay safe.

Lady Vixa

PS: If you are curious as to why the image I chose was familiar, it is because Smolar used it when he wrote to you all. It is almost identical to what an area inside The Quo looks like 🙂

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