Happy March!

My name is Smolar and I am one of the other main characters in the story being written by Joe Dayvie. It has been a while since anyone from our story has written anything. This is mostly because Joe has had family in town for a couple weeks and then had his laptop repaired, so none of us were able to communicate with his world. Fortunately for us, all the visitors are gone and apparently his computer is better than ever, so I took this opportunity to my advantage.

As a main character in this story, I am almost offended to not have been here sooner. Maybe Joe doesn’t consider me as important to the story…Regardless, I really like him. He is a very considerate man and has been doing a good job on discussing our story. Since Vixa was the first person to begin this blog, it just surprises me. Her and I share…quite a few things. I suppose I shouldn’t share too much but one thing I can mention is we are both Quorians. I believe this is not too much of a secret, for all of you at least.

We reside in a place known as The Quo and our race is quite unique compared to others.

Our history goes back thousands of years and remaining within our city has always ensured our safety and prosperity. With Vixa being the leader of our community, our region has remained secure. Leaving home is frowned upon due to the dangers the Outside World may bring. Not to say that has never happened…

Sorry, as I sit here typing away enjoying a glass of Qubble that Joe was kind enough to make for me, I realize I ramble too much. After all, reading our entire story is what makes all the fun, no? Joe is preoccupied on the couch watching some strange movie. I was able to take a photo of the screen although I have no idea what it is about. Certainly a lot of strange individuals…He is enjoying it very much so though as he sips on some wine and taps his feet to the music. Personally I was never a fan of wine. We have some back home but the flavor is too strong for me. The music from this movie isn’t awful though.

Looking back, it seems the last one to write on our blog was Fravia. Oh…Fravia. I could easily take this entire page to talk about her. She is absolutely lovely. If only I could have picked up on this sooner than later. How fitting for her to be on here during Valentines Day too…Sorry Fravia.

Joe has made impressive progress on the story. He stayed up late last night until 2:00 AM and completed the ending of this first novel. Not that the first draft is done, but the major aspect of the ending is written out. He now has to explain what happens to each of us as the book comes to an end. It would be rude of him to leave you hanging unsure where we all end up. He hoped to have the story be around 400 pages or under 140,000 words but he has well surpassed that. Currently he has reached 460 pages and closing in on 150,000 words. He continues to say editing will bring that down but there are parts he needs to add too…but I trust he knows what he is doing, right? He began editing some portions but not much. He has said multiple times he could reduce the first ten chapters quite a bit which concerns me because I am a strong part of them. Maybe he doesn’t like me? Maybe I need to become more interesting? Maybe I should just talk to him…

Regardless, I am sure he has a good layout for what he is doing. He mentioned to me about what he plans to discuss for the second novel and wow, was I blown away. One storyline even upset me because it was too personal but he demanded it needed to happen. He reassured me others would understand so I am trusting his judgement. I just hope he is right. After all, I am not a part of your world so I do not know exactly what you all enjoy reading and learning about.

There seems to be a few strong themes that continue to appear in this story and it is something I was not expecting, even though it is personally close to me.

Being able to glance at the story Joe is putting together is fascinating because I am learning more about those I know. There are certain details and personal histories I was never informed about. Some I have never heard of before but others I am shocked to see. I wish some would open up to me so we can share certain life experiences. It would not make me feel like such an alien stranded on a secluded rock.

This Qubble is starting to make my head go fuzzy. I’m not sure Joe made this correctly. When I visited Draka’s Corner back home, Jarvie always made the perfect drink and I could have a couple of them before I felt anything. Maybe he didn’t put enough fun juice inside my drinks…

The only thing Joe wanted me to let you know was he plans to have more visitors to this blog this month than any of the previous ones this year. There is someone I think he really needs to have on here but I will see if they care to. He is a very private person so I’m not sure he would agree to it. I’ll still talk to Joe about it just in case he can persuade him into giving it a try. Please leave any comments or likes below. The more support we all have, the more likely Joe will not shut this down. He continues to question why he bothers with this but we tell him it is our outlet. Even if no one is reading this, it gives us a release to talk about whatever we want.

Thank you for taking the time and I cannot wait for you to read our enchanted journey.

Your friendly Quorian,


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