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How the fuck are you?

I know others began writin’ on this excuse of a blog. I don’t see the damn point of it so you’ll probably not see me here often, or ever again. I’m too busy in my own world and life that sitting here writin makes me jittery. How do people find solace in this? Yes, I used a big word, get fucking used to it. I’m educated.

People in my land seem to have a skewed perception of me. Maybe it’s because I am seven foot tall, large framed, and have muscles that scream I could beat the shit out of you. I’ve met everyone in the valley at least once and have always been nice. If you double cross me or try to play me, you will quickly regret it. Good luck trying to hide from me…

Out Storyteller, Joe Dayvie, is a nice enough guy but sometimes…he isn’t focused.

Sometimes he sucks at meeting a deadline because he’s a lazy asshole. Sometimes he’s a fucking coward. Have him spend a week in my castle and that would quickly change. I would make sure he changed or else…Regardless, he is yet to express my name. Throughout the book, he calls me BLANK. It seems a bit insulting to be in my position and not even have the decency to give me a fuckin’ name, wouldn’t you agree? Instead he just continues writing, mostly about everyone else, when I should be front and center of this story.

He claims to have been busy this last week, which is why he hasn’t written much. With the story still at 111,000 words, he needs to focus. Cut the shit. I know he has gone out a few times over the last week, but he needs to prioritize. I noticed this photo with him and his husband enjoying some alcohol. He called it an Anejo Sour. Now, I have no fuckin’ idea what that is, but he needs to learn to drink it like a champ and get back onto this device and write. He told me there has been a lot going on in his personal life this last week, like career discussions.

His husband, Anthony I believe his name is, is going to culinary school. I don’t understand how one goes to school for that. I mean, put the fuckin’ food on the stove and call it a day. It’s not my life though so thats fine. Joe seemed really happy about it. They seem like nice enough people so good for them…but get your ass back to writing. I want you all to know me more. Joe realized the other day he has had alcohol the last few days and has not written that entire time. He always said he can’t have a fuckin’ drink and write. Not sure how…but if you know that then don’t have a damn drink. Let’s move your ass and get focused here.

Yesterday was the first day Joe got back into the craft, thank me. I was getting close to taking some action to ensure he returned to writing, but he did it on his own. Granted it was maybe 100 words, he is refocusing his time and energy. He had to free write a bit to re-organize his thoughts and plot points. Seemed to work well for him so that’s what counts.

He is getting into the start of the end of this first book. It’s a fucking thrill ride, let me tell you.

Joe doesn’t dictate my actions or words. I just want to make that clear. Good luck to anyone who tells me what to do. He told me no cursing, the fuck I won’t. He said be kind to the readers, tough shit. You don’t like me, I dare you to come at me. He said don’t tell them much about yourself, too late. Finally he said do not discuss plot points. This I am listening to but not because he told me. Simply due to I want you to fully understand the story. Where Joe is in the story now is crucial and wouldn’t make sense without the knowledge of the first 355 pages. Honestly, that is too long for me, but hopefully he cuts it back. Every chapter is great and it will be tough for you to put it down. Even though there is not a lot of scenes with me, you will be well aware of who I am and my people.

If you are anything like me, you don’t care to fucking read a novel when it should be a short story, like this. Joe asked me to mention to anyone who comes here to subscribe to this blog, leave a comment, like us, whatever you wish to do. Honestly, I don’t give a shit. You probably won’t see me here often, if at all. This is not for me. I’m better living my life in the valley and ensuring things are maintained.

See ya,

BLANK (🤬 – Work on this Joe)

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