Hello Friends,

The name is Grum and I am coming to you from The Barren Land. Well, I guess technically I am writing to you from Joe’s laptop in his home, but that is not where I live. As I mentioned, I live in The Barren Land near the Marketplace District. I believe another came here and showed you all a map of our region, Phobus is his name? Anyway, I know Joe doesn’t want us talking too much about the story but where is the fun in that? Knowledge is power I say, so let’s keep pushing forward.

I’ve been living in the valley for about twenty years, a little less than half my life. It may have not been the life I expected but it is a quiet, easy life. I have no reason to complain, except for sometimes the food. So long as you know where to go you are fine. Otherwise…watch out. Sometimes the food here is atrocious. How does one make food taste so bad? I just don’t understand it. Seems like it would be harder to make such bad tasting meals but I wouldn’t know. I don’t cook. The only work I will do with food is moving my mouth to chew it.

As for what I do, I work down at the Karg River. It’s not a difficult job, can be stressful at times, but ultimately it’s easy enough. We do our job and leave. Sometimes we will get some visits from the guards and those within the castle. They do have control over the river after all. They aren’t bad people though nor cause any issues. If they do, meh. It’s not that big a deal. They seem nice enough to me though.

You may be wondering why I want to write here, right? Well…if not, I will tell you anyway. Because I think I am a riot and am worth meeting 😁.

Ooh, what is that? These smiley face are most certainly fun. How am I only now finding out about these? β˜ƒοΈ Well isn’t he a cute little fella? I’ve never seen such a thing before but it’s adorable. Anywho, there are many you will meet within this story. Some you will like, others you will hate and you will probably relate to both of them, which will make you question yourself. Where will you lie? Well hopefully in bed reading the story that he writing. Maybe on the couch? It is a favorite place of mine to be. Seriously though, considering the ones I do know, and there are some I don’t, I think you would like me 😎

Keeping the tradition alive I suppose, every other writer in this blog has brought you a picture. Some have been fun to see…except for Jacob. Really? A picture of words? Seems lame and boring to me but what do I know. I only like to smile, laugh and have a good time. Here is a photo of the current story Joe has printed. This photo is similar to the one Lady Vixa brought to you, but this time he has over one hundred more pages printed. He continues to tell me he is nearing the end of this first novel. He started telling me this when he was around 85K-90K words. He is currently at 105K words and still says the same thing. Finish up already, buddy πŸ‘Ή It is time for you all to be able to read our story. Get to know us a bit more.

Joe warned me that these next two weeks will be slow for him to write. He has some family coming to visit him two weeks in a row. I’m all for family, even though I live alone, but how important are they, really? I mean…let’s get this writing done and then worry about spending time with family. They will be there after the writing is completed. Who genuinely enjoys family visits anyway? I would be trying to push off as long as I could get away with it. πŸ•ΊπŸ»

Joe spends a lot of time on Twitter lately and mentioned just how great everyone is. I can’t imagine everyone is just outstanding. Let’s be honest. Some of you are probably not that great. I guess that sounds rude, but it’s true. Not everyone can be amazing. If you are here reading this then yes, I agree. You are amazing. Some of those others on Twitter though…probably not as great as you. Let’s agree to that at least πŸ‘πŸΌ

He mentioned how multiple people on Twitter are interested in reading our story. It excites me to hear others are interested in us already while he is still putting the story together. That is beautiful and actually touches me. Not in a questionable spot or somewhere below the belt, get that mind out of the gutter. I mean it touches my heart to know you care. You really care about me! Well…I mean, hopefully you do now. You actually never knew I existed until now.

Considering he is putting the story together, I should mention him and his progress.

I guess the one piece of information I could share is his decision to add a glossary. This was something new he decided this week. Seems like a smart decision to me. With so many to meet, various locations, pets, creatures, food….mmm…It would be helpful to have a place where you can remember these nouns. See? I know something about English too. 🧐 He already has two pages worth of names for you to remember but he still needs to add more and none of the characters were placed onto that list. It will easily triple if he were to do that now. I briefly looked over the first draft and noticed a lot of detailed information, like our cuisine, is not in there yet. So he still has details to add which will need to be placed into the glossary.

And with that, I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your day. If you have not read some of the other blog posts, you should do so. Some are quirky, others funny, but again, I don’t think you will enjoy them as much as you did mine. Read them and let me know though!

If you really like us and what we are doing here, prove it. Subscribe to our blog that way Joe knows you enjoy it which allows us to continue having this place to speak.

Thanks y’all 🐝


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