It is a delight to finally meet you all. My name is Jacob Emmerson and I’m the main character in our story.

Joe Dayvie and I met a while ago and have a deep understanding of one another. It is nice to have such a connection with him although we do differ in certain ways. The things we share, like our love of wine, is really wonderful.

Joe was very excited yesterday as he just surpassed 100,000 words in his storytelling journey. I should say our story honestly because without us, he would have no story to write. We lived it but he was determined enough to write it down in an organized manner for everyone to read. When he decided to create this blog for us, he was honest and said I would not be the first one to write. It shocked me but he explained how I am an integral part of the story and wanted to wait for a special, unique moment. Being the one he chose for this achievement certainly made it special.

What gives it deeper meaning is he achieved this word count while writing a chapter that involved me, and actually an important scene in the entire first novel. This reminds me, Joe wanted to make it very clear that he did not have a goal to write this many words. His priority is to tell a concise, well written story using however many words are appropriate. He has mentioned multiple times that when we goes back over to edit, he expects to remove pieces and have that count lower. Hopefully not too much though. I say the more detail and information the better…but I guess he is the one doing the writing. I will respect him enough for that.

While I cannot explain much, I was able to show a piece of the writing here that I can discuss. My mother and I are close and we share unique experiences of dreams. She always had visions and dreams of those who passed or events that are yet to happen. This is something which was unknowingly passed onto me as I started growing up. We have a deeper bond because of this shared experience. She provided me with the foundation to interpret these dreams myself and have a better, clearer understanding of the messages being delivered. Sometimes they are obvious while others can be a bit cryptic. There are times neither one of us can decipher a dream and that is okay. We still enjoy the discussion of trying to figure it out. I look forward to dreams yet to come so we can discuss new possibilities.

Aside from my mother, I do have a small, tight family that I really love. We may not always get along but they are what made me the man I am today. They are one of the inspirations in my life, and this includes my dog named Chicken! 🙂. She is an adorable little baby of nine years old, but we met her eight years ago. Chicken will always be a baby, puppy to me even as she continues to get older.

Man this wine is delicious. Joe had a bottle of red in the wine rack so I decided to open it, hopefully he won’t mind.

Wine is one of my favorite things to enjoy. My mother and I share a love of it too. It was very much an important part of our family growing up so it is only appropriate to enjoy some now while writing to you. It is not too dark yet not light enough to see through it. Great job on owning some tasty wine Joe!

I guess I should limit the information I tell you per Joe’s request. You will eventually learn a lot more about me when you get the chance to read our story. Joe has no idea what his plans are for after this is completed. He mentioned how our story needed to be broken down into several novels but he planned to write one at a time. He expected to finish this first novel by March, which he mentioned taking a few weeks break to give his mind some clarity. He is anticipating the edits to polish our story really well but it will be interesting to see him then. He gets grumpy fast so I may want to keep my distance from him then.

Joe did recently mention that he is picking up on errors, repetitive words and phrases that he uses. He was laughing at certain parts he went back to read. He is not editing until after the first draft is complete, but because we have a complex story, he needs to ensure the facts are correct and everything is put together in a cohesive manner. It’s nice to see him care so much for the story we would like to have told. All of us appreciate it, some more than others, because we would really like to have it available for others to read. We feel that our story brings up some important lessons and topics that should be discussed. It doesn’t matter where you live, who you are, or what your background is. There is something to take away from from this story. This is why I try to support Joe as much as I can through this journey.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and allowing Joe to continue providing this space for us. I say allow because he would take this down if he did not hear such feedback and information from readers. He felt this was going to be a silly platform even though we tried our best to convince him otherwise. It ultimately falls onto you, the readers, who can help this to continue onward. Please feel free to like these posts, leave comments and/or subscribe to them. These are simple ways Joe can see the support and feel confident in his decision of providing this space for us.

Have a wonderful day and hope to chat with you soon.

Jacob Emmerson

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