Good Evening Everyone,

My name is Sir Kalvin Troveria and I am coming to you from Joe’s living room. He has graciously allowed me, and others, to come say hello. As you may already be aware, this blog is intended for all of us from the story to have a voice and share our experiences while also updating you on Joe Dayvie. He is currently in the process of writing our novel and it looks like he has been busy at work. He started and completed Chapter 28 yesterday and boy was it an important one. I guess that is all I should say out of respect for Joe. He was kind enough to have this platform for us so we should respect him.

Unfortunately Joe has been quite sick this last week so there is not much to update in regards to the story, which I cannot discuss detail of anyway. He was still able to manage nearly 10,000 words this week and hopes to achieve another 5,000 over Saturday and Sunday. We will be here to help support him and push him through such an endeavor. In addition to the writing, Joe managed to get some sketches down. These are his initial concept for certain symbols. While I cannot explain what they are for, at least you are able to view them. There is a chance these can change, at least that is what I understand. At the bottom of this page is a section for comments. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on if you love, hate or feel indifferent about these sketches. I can show them to him and I am sure he would appreciate it.

Seeing these make me smile. It will be interesting to see how Joe’s creative process may change the appearance of these. As he gets closer to the completion of this first part of the story, he will get a better idea if they will change or not. He mentioned that his goal is to end this first novel at around 120,000 words; however, he will far surpass that amount at this rate. Joe said that he expects editing to bring down the page count a bit so it will be fascinating to see where he ends up.

The other aspect he continues to talk about is how wonderful everyone he has met on social media, specifically…Twitter?

I’m not too sure what that is but it allows people to meet and communicate with one another from all over the world. Something like that could really come in handy for me. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who may be reading this from there, specifically the…oh what did he call it? Let me look around here…well, I dont know where I put it but–. Oh, here it is. The #WritingCommunity. Not sure why that number sign is there, but I trust Joe knew what he was talking about. He said quite a few people from there have been extremely supportive. I wanted to say thank you because he has mentioned closing this blog numerous times. Joe said he wasn’t sure this was worth it, questioned if anyone would read it and felt embarrassed by it. My opinion in the matter…is someone must be interested to hear from us, especially me, right? Having this outlet to reach those of you who may read our story is invaluable. Being able to get in touch with the general public in such a way is incredible. Especially when we may have some interesting information…like something I heard Joe talk about the other day.

It is normally not my style to gossip because I’ve experienced enough of that myself at times. Nothing really good usually comes from it but…well, I don’t know. There is something about this outlet that makes me want to dish. The other night, I saw Joe was unable to sleep. He was up until 2:00 AM but still on his phone taking notes. Instead of sneaking into his phone, like some may do, I simply had a conversation with the man. He told me of another work in progress he would like to begin. Naturally, my initial reaction was that of anger. He should be focusing on our story before taking on another one. He reassured me this other piece of work will not interfere. He said once he completes the first draft of our story, he will need to step away for a couple week. Get a clear mind and fresh perspective which I understand. It would be in this time that he will begin writing this other work. It is not nearly as complex as our tale, but an important one nonetheless. I would rather not say the title or concept but I will reveal it is going to be a genre he never thought he could write…comedy. While I do not think he is the funniest person, he told me pieces of it and well, I think many would find it humorous.

I should probably head back now. The day is about to begin and Joe will be needing his computer back. In case you were wondering, we do borrow his computer for these writings. While I have a knowledge of this device, others may not. Please be kind to them if they are struggling.

I just want to mention that if you find yourself enjoying these posts, please subscribe to them and Joe will notify you when a new one is written. This will also help him gain confidence in this blog so we, us writers, don’t run the risk of losing our outlet and connection with all of you in this realm.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and thank you Joe for allowing us this platform. Take care and hope to chat to you soon.

Sir Kalvin Troveria

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