Let me start by saying that Joe has already aggravated me by putting rules on this.

I thought this whole idea was for us to speak freely?! He told me there is no f–, I mean, no cursing allowed. I couldn’t imagine why the hell he would want that. It’s a shame Joe didn’t pick me for his first dialogue. I’ll remember this.

Seems as though I cannot mention any details about what he is doing or writing. Now that I get. He is trying to portray the story correctly and I appreciate that. Once you do have the opportunity to read our story, you will meet me quite early on. Joe and I don’t have a long history but we connected on a few things, which I cannot mention. Ultimately we are being given a chance to come here and explain how Joe is doing, what the status is on the story, updates, etc.

It seems Joe is a bit sick at the moment so I’m not sure where is he in the story. Last I checked, he had 82,000 words down and was on Chapter 27. Also because he has started working on this platform for us to come and interact with others, he has not written as much. It’s great and all but, I mean…come on, get the writing done already. That is the main goal and all. Especially because the storyline is very exciting right now and my pa–. Oh wait, that’s right. Can’t say sh–. Damnit. Okay, let’s start fresh.

I used my skills and snapped a picture of a sketch he drew the other day. It was a region that I happen to enjoy. There are many…civilians there.

I figured it is only fair to show something since you actually came here to read this.

I’m trying to think of what else you may care to know. I mean…honestly Joe is quite a boring person so there is no need for me to be talking about him. He sometimes talks about himself enough. Have you seen him on Twitter? Take the damn gadget away from him! He enjoys going on there too much sometimes but he does always talk about how great all the people are on there. Blah, blah, blah. I’m sure you are all great but you’re here to read what I am saying, not the other way around. I may be small in size but that doesn’t mean I–. Damnit! Did it again. Oh well, Joe. Deal with it. Details are going to come out eventually with these things.

I guess the one thing I could mention about him is how particular he is with writing. I’m not very knowledgable but I would think everyone has a creative, unique way of writing. Joe? He has nothing special. Just pure silence. He will sit at home with no noise but the ticking of a clock and write thousands of words if he sits long enough. Might I also mention he told me they may start removing clocks from schools because children don’t know how to tell time? Ridiculous I tell you. Back to my story, he will sometimes put on classical or instrumental music but he enjoys music so much that it could still be a distraction for him. He will sit anywhere at home, which is small by the way, and get the writing done. Personally I think he enjoys writing my storyline the most but don’t tell him I told you that.

I guess everyone has such a short attention span these days that I should stop talking. Hopefully Joe does not get too annoyed with my words and allows me to come back. Thanks Joe for having us (at least I thanked him, unlike some people) 🧐. If you would like to ask me questions, write any comments or simply just tell me to shut the…hell up, please feel free to leave a comment below. Joe will tell us if someone has words so we can respond at some point.

Later readers,


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