Hello everyone,

My name is Lady Vixa and it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m aware that you have no idea who I am. Unfortunately you can blame Joe Dayvie for this. He has requested I remain silent about anything he plans to discuss or explain. Since he has been continuously writing, it seems I am very limited in the amount of information I can divulge. This includes my own personal history, age, where I am from, etc. Everyone he plans to talk about has been eager to have their story explained for others to learn, explore and enjoy. Since he is not ready to share the story yet, he agreed to setup a platform for a few of us to come and explore. It seems only fair since he is writing our story that we come on here to write his.

When he left his workstation, I was sneaky and took a photo of his current work in progress. While I have not read it all, I went to the last page and saw there were 246 pages printed so far. I was happy to see this but our story goes well beyond that. Well, well beyond. So that means he has a lot of work to get done. Luckily we talked him into separating our story into numerous novels. That way others can begin to read and learn about us as he continues to complete his work. He has not given us, or at least me, a completion date so I cannot give you any updates.

There is one aspect of his manuscript I will mention. He may not like it but considering who I am, he can deal with it.

He has organized his written work by our storylines. Each color represents the storyline of certain individuals. Upon further investigation, it seems all the blue tabs represent me within the story. Well…mostly me but it could also represent him discussing one of us. It does not seem like we are being discussed enough so I may have to try and influence him. This is only his first draft so anything and everything can change. Maybe he will trust me to be one of his beta readers…though I may be biased. It’s worth a try, right?

You may be wondering why he chose me out of everyone in the story. Oh right…you don’t know just how many individuals there are in the story. Honestly, I don’t even know…but there are a lot. Anyway, Joe and I share a strong connection since I was the first one he met when his storytelling journey began. We may not have known each other for a very long time but we share a bond. I think there are parts of me that remind him of a few other people he knows in the “real world.” I hate that phrase. What is the real world anyway? Where I live is the real world to me. Point is, he did think of me before the main star of the story.

Well I guess we should discuss the novel in which Joe is working on. There is a certain description of the story that he allowed me to publish here. Where is it…I know he put it somewhere around here…Ah ha! Found it. Okay, this is what he has said about the story:

This is an epic fantasy that introduces multiple, main characters content with their own lives, in their own regions. Without much knowledge of how vast the world is, certain events begin to unfold which lead these characters to test their own strengths and beliefs. Their comfortable lives are shaken to the core as adventures begin and multiple storylines are followed.

The scenes of the novel portray a variety of themes including, but not limited to: Deception, The Analysis of Various Relationship Dynamics, Tolerance…and Death.

The reader will be left guessing for the ultimate battle between good and evil. Will you remain loyal to your initial perception?

That is an interesting way of putting our story. Something tells me as he gets closer to completion, it will not be as vague. I understand why he wishes to keep details private but…come on! Our story is so fascinating…thrilling…you need to be allowed to read it! Anyway, I would love to know if Joe considers me a main character or not. I feel confident that I am one, but let’s be honest. Everyone is a main character in their own story of their life.

Considering this is the first post he has allowed one of us, I should wrap this up. I don’t know how long he was expecting this to be. Hopefully he will be pleasantly surprised so I could come back again soon. I suppose someone else will be writing for the next post, which is fair. I do not want to be rude to the others…but I do hope to come back.

The one thing Joe mentioned was whoever writes a post is allowed to answer and respond to any comments left below. Just know if you ask about the story he is writing, I will be limited in what I can say. If you ask about Joe Dayvie, then I am able to share a bit more 🙂

Yours Truly,

Lady Vixa

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