Joe Dayvie

I’ve been writing for a majority of my life and even wrote my first book when I was nine as a school project. Unfortunately it was given to my parents and lost over the years. Ever since then, I have gained a passion for the written word. During my teenage years I maintained journals and free writing steadily became a hobby.

Once I entered my twenties, I graduated college to become a Radiation Therapist and have been treating cancer patients ever since. It is a rewarding career and the patients I meet inspire me in many ways. The other rewarding aspect was being introduced to my now husband Anthony. My first job in this field allowed us to have mutual friends and we have been inseparable ever since. Focusing on my work and new relationship, I subconsciously suppressed my creativity. Writing became a thing of the past.

Once I entered my thirties, my life shifted. 2019 brought much personal hardship that tested my own limits and abilities. First my husband’s beautiful mother passed away. Six months and one day later, my own mother died in June. Her long, ten year battle with lung cancer came to an end and the grieving process began. While she provided me with many gifts and life lessons, it was her final advice to me that allowed true growth.

Grab life by the balls” she said from her hospital bed, our hands embraced. I could feel the love from her through these words.

A couple months after she passed away, I found myself writing again. It began with poetry, writing small verses, possibly even song lyrics. It brought back the creative spark I once had in me. In the beginning of September, I had a dream, which is something my mother and I shared. This particular dream sparked a unique, creative story that inspired me to write a paragraph that morning. That paragraph has now inspired an entire fictional, fantasy novel. This in-depth, complex world of fantasy is something I have become quite passionate about. Regardless of what my writing journey may look like, I know that it will bring me joy.

The work that I do in my career allows me to help others and brings me much fulfillment. The writing that I have now embraced provides me with a creative outlet to explore limitless boundaries.

While I have given up on writing in the past, the strength of my mother and the eternal support of my husband will not let that happen again.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. You are welcome to view any of my writing posted here. The blog here follows my journey through the writing process. Early on it was used by the characters from my fantasy series, Archaic Deception. I’ve since regained control and they have their own website.

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Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.

joe Dayvie