Writing has provided me with a sense of comfort and reliability. Without realizing its impact on my life, I wrote my first book when I was nine. Unfortunately, it was a simple school project and was lost over the years after numerous moves. This creativity continued into my adolescent years when I depended on journaling to navigate through the tumultuous teenage years. 
Once I entered my twenties, I graduated college as a Radiation Therapist and have been treating cancer patients ever since. Not only am I continuously inspired by the patients I meet, this rewarding career led me to meeting my now husband, Anthony. Thanks to mutual friends I met through my first job, we instantly connected and have been inseparable ever since. Focusing on my work and new relationship, I subconsciously suppressed my creativity.
Writing became a thing of the past.
Once I entered my thirties, life shifted. 2019 brought much personal hardship that tested my own limits and abilities. First my husband’s beautiful mother passed away, then six months and a day later, my own mother died in June, just four days after her sixty-three year birthday. Her strenuous ten year battle with lung cancer came to an end and the grieving process began. While she provided me with many gifts and life lessons, it was her final advice that encouraged me to begin a new path.

Grab life by the balls,” she said from her hospital bed.

A couple months after she passed away, I began writing again. Starting with poetry, small verses and song lyrics, it reignited my creativity. In August/September, I had a dream, which is something my mother and I connected with. This particular dream sparked a unique, creative story that inspired me to write a few sentences that morning (which I still have)! That paragraph eventually grew into an entire fantasy novel which ultimately led to the entire realm of Archaic Deception. This in-depth, complex world is something I’ve become passionate about. Regardless of what my writing journey will look like, I know that it’ll bring me joy. 
While the work I do a Radiation Therapist allows me to help and heal others, writing provides me with a creative outlet to explore with unlimited boundaries.

The strength of my mother and the eternal support of my husband allows me to continue my creative passion.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little background about me and my journey to becoming an author. Please browse through my work and even read blog, even though I rarely post. Follow me on social media to keep up with my latest work and updates.